MIE 2016

Certificate “MIE Trainer Academy Learning Path”

MIE Trainer Academy Learning Path-1

Certificate “Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator”

Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator-1

Certificate “Educator Community Contributor”

Educator Community Contributor-1

Certificate “Educator Community Influencer”

Educator Community Influencer-1

Certificate “Навчання з основ технології”


Certificate “Amplifying Student Voice”

Amplifying Student Voice -1

Certificate “Digital Citizenship”

Digital Citizenship -1

Certificate “Digital Inking with Surface”

Digital Inking with Surface-1

Certificate “Hour of Code: facilitation training and lots of resources!”

Hour of Code_ facilitation training and lots of resources! -1

Certificate “Introduction to Microsoft Classroom”

Introduction to Microsoft Classroom-1

Certificate “Microsoft Imagine Academy”

Microsoft Imagine Academy -1

Certificate “Microsoft in Education”

Microsoft in Education-1

Certificate “Microsoft in the Classroom”

Microsoft in the Classroom-1

Certificate “Prepare to Teach Creative Coding Through Games and Apps”

Prepare to Teach Creative Coding Through Games and Apps-1

Certificate “Step up to computer science”

Step up to computer science -1

Certificate “Teacher Academy: Office 365”

Teacher Academy_ Office 365-1

Certificate “Teacher Academy: OneNote, the ultimate collaboration tool”

Teacher academy_ OneNote, the ultimate collaboration tool-1

Certificate “Teacher Academy: Windows 10”

Teacher academy_ Windows 10-1

Certificate “Teaching with Technology 2016”

Teaching with Technology 2016-1

Certificate “Teaching with Technology Basics”

Teaching with Technology Basics-1

Certificate “Technology Enriched Instruction”

Technology Enriched Instruction-1

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